Gbajabiamila received a 36-month suspension in 2007 after being found guilty of a $25,000 fraud in the US


 The Supreme Court of Georgia reportedly prosecuted Femi Gbajabiamila, the troubled majority leader of the house of representatives, and found him guilty of stealing $25,000 that belonged to his client in February 2007.

According to a report by SaharaReporters, Gbajabiamila broke Georgia state's bar standards by failing to release the money his client was awarded as damages for harm claims.

The politician was alleged to have a criminal history, however Abdulmumin Jibrin and his campaign team quickly refuted this claim.

However, a ruling of the Supreme Court of Georgia detailing Gbajabiamila’s case has been unravelled.

The ruling stated: "This disciplinary action is before the Court on Respondent Femi Gbaja's Petition for Voluntary Discipline, which was filed according to Bar Rule 4-227(b)(2) prior to the issuance of a formal complaint. Gbaja acknowledges in his petition that he violated Bar Rule 4-102(d) and Rule 1.l.5(l) of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. Although breaking this regulation is grounds for disbarment, Gbaja asks for a 24-month punishment instead. He does consent to a ban of up to 36 months, though. The State Bar has no issues with Gbaja's petition being approved as long as the suspension lasts for at least 36 months.

"Gbaja, who has only been a member of the Bar since 2001, admits that he accepted $25,000 as payment in settlement of a client's personal injury claims, deposited that money in his attorney trust account in January 2003, neglected to give that money to his client right away, took that money out for his own use, closed his practice, and left the country. Gbaja agrees that, although ultimately paying his client $25,000 in 2006, his actions breached Rule HS (1) and that, as a result, he is now subject to disbarment. In an effort to atone for his misdeeds, Gbaja claims he has paid back his client, completely cooperated with the appropriate authorities, and is deeply sorry for the results of his behavior. As a result, we draw the following conclusion:

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