Somebody is pregnant for me said by Mr P (PRODIGAL)

 Get your dancing shoes ready!
Mr Peter Okoye one of the popular dufunct group P-square, popularly known by his stage name Mr P comes up with an amazing and funny  write up on his intagram handle that somebody is pregnant for him. He said 
  "Somebody is pregnant for me! Yes my album is pregnant for me! And it's almost due! What I am expecting is more then triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets and even septuplets 'Trouble Meet Wahala'.
 The 10 days countdown for the first single from the shelves of THE PRODIGAL ALBUM starts on Wednesday 2nd December! can't wait! Don't expect anything less cos am different get ur dancing shoes ready!! he wrote. 
   Tell us your opinion about what he wrote cos you know whenever u listen to his songs you always like to shake head ..


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