Brooklyn-base pop star Enisa trending on Twitter set to remix a song with Davido love cycle


Enisa Nikaj 
Enisa Nikaj  known proffessionally as Enisa is a Brooklyn-base, borough of New York City pop singer, model and songwriter.

The singer solicitious shown concerned for what Nigerian were pass through  during the #ENDSARS protests.

She wrote on her Twitter handle to solicited Nigerian for the difficult situation that was going on in their country.

Now the brooklyn-base pop star Enisa is currently trending on Twitter with her Nigerian fans, asking them with a topic of consideration as she asked.

  "Ok, now someone tell me what's the first Nigerian food I have to try.

The other questions she asked on her twitter handle was "Who do u guys want on the ''love cycle remix? Teg them and let make it happen.

OBO the DMW label Boss Davido was on this one as he have the highest  tegged..
And they are set to release the remix of cycle love.

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