Meet a bike-and-ride girl who bought motor for her mother.

 Everyday the world is progressing  in good ways for people who are really working hard on their dreams to come through.

Meet Benue born hard working and ambitious lady who want the best not only for her but for her mother who stood by her side during the hard times.

Adoo Eugenia Ter 

As she started making her way through  her businesses she decided to  surprise her mother with a brand new Toyota matrix car of which she herself have no ride on her own.

For the struggled which her mother passed through for making sure she have the best..
She wrote on her Facebook account "When your mate were buying holandis you were naked just for us to have what to eat, you have just a single wrapper😭😭😭 now is my time to pay you back my CR7.
Adoo with her m
The boss lady 


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