Wale Makama, 2Holy, Mc Emperor, Mc Kuvuki and other entertainers shutdown The Return CONCERT


Copeland Entertainment in collaboration with Nigzy Empire host one of the biggest Returning Concert at NSUK yesterday and it was full of fun and excitement among the old and returning students on campus, the stage was graced with numerous entertainers. 

Take a look at some of the topout performances from the Return Concert down 👇

  Wale Makama was one of the hottest and newly welcomed student on campus and the super talented singer was on fire, with his motional  act gained him a outstanding ovetion from the audience.

Indeed he thrilled his fans with amazing and exceptional performances, on the funniest and relevant part of it he shared condoms among the students to prevent Aids and other deathly infections on campus.

Life without entertainment how would it be?

An other excitement entertainer  of the event was MC Emperor who turned theatre complex into his own empire of laughing,
He shutdown the show with Tiv, Hausa, Spanish, French and Chinese languages  fluently, Mc Emperor was extremely extraordinary with his performances and he get everyone shouting and laughing.

Mc Emperor really make the event conducive.
Indeed God has really blessed us with different talents and skills..
Thoughts that was all untill Mc Emmka introduced 2Holy on stage and guessed what?
This artist posseses valuable quality of entertainment, 

He comes on stage with his dancers  that make everyone to shake body in fact his dancers were extremely wonderful and they keep the stage interesting and lively with beautiful dancing steps.
 It was a blockboster event with other top notch entertainers like Mc Kuvuki, Mc Kure, Holy Moses with many others.....
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