Three vital reasons for you to blog not only to upload your songs on audiomack


Facebook is one of the best social media handle that connects you locally and internationally and of course is the easiest handle use by average people.

Welcome to facebook where artists upload their song on audiomack and share the link on facebook, got 1k above likes and plenty comments, check on audiomack and got 15 plays and 8loves, 3comments.

You know why is like that?

Facebook is where you have many fans who support your creativity especially when the art/graphic work is extremely good, you will got comments that will motivate you that will keep you going which is awesomely wonderful, Facebook does that.

Each and every social platform perform viral role in reaching millions of people but blogging perform a vital role.

There are reasons you should promote Your songs/creativities by blogging them.

1. Not all your fans have audiomack apps on their phones.

2.For easy accessibility all the times.

3. Most importantly to share among other friends, family who uses  portable phones.

With the above reason I hope you see it clearly, you as upcoming artists there is a need for you to blog your songs and share the link with friends and family and still upload on audiomack.

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