CardVest: The Best platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria


CardVest: The Best platform to sell gift cards in NigeriaAw

In recent times, gift card traders find it difficult to get a trusted platform or identify the best platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Even people who have been trading gift cards for a long  time get to complain about their trading Apps and websites. Common complaints people make  include late funds transfer, security breach, bad customer relations, low exchange rates, slow  customer service, and lots more. 



If you want to sell gift cards in Nigeria, the above-listed shortcomings are things you want to evade to have a smooth trade and get your funds quickly. New Apps are being created day after  day to aid the fast exchange of gift cards for cash in Nigeria. The best and most recent App to  trade your gift cards in Nigeria is CardVest

Best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria

CardVest has been in presence since 2016 trading gift cards satisfactorily and offering the best rates within Nigeria and beyond. To further simplify trading, the CardVest App is a newly  launched App that beats all the requirements you may be looking for in a gift card converter. The  initiative behind its advent is to mitigate the lapses of other Apps and websites in this niche.  

CardVest provides its customers with an extraordinary touch of professionalism and satisfaction. Considering the delicacy and urgency associated with the nature of gift card trading, people tend  to get skeptical about surrendering complete trust and allegiance to new platforms. Various news  of swiped funds and leaked details frolic around social media, and these contribute to the  setbacks for a legit organization like CardVest. However, CardVest comes with several upsides that traders long to see on their gift card trading  platforms. Hey, still looking to know why this App is the Best Gift card trading App in Nigeria?  



Check out the mind-blowing features;

Some Features of CardVest App

1. Easy to Use: Are you a new or existing gift card trader, and you are looking at the stress of getting yourself familiarized with this new App? Chill out on your worries already!  The CardVest App is extemely easy to use. All you pretty much have to do is to register  with a few details, choose the card you want to sell, get the exchange rate, and you are set  to get your funds rolling in already. Just like taking candy from a little child, easy-peasy!! 

2. Wide range of card acceptability: CardVest accepts many popular gift cards. They have a wide call on various popular gift cards that traders love to exchange. A few famous gift  cards they trade on the App include eBay, Apple store, Xbox, Amazon, Google Play, Walmart, Steam, NIKE, American Express, Visa, and Sephora. In addition to the uncommon variant of gift cards sold on this App, customers still get the  Best rates to trade their card funds. 

3. Secure detail collection scheme: Financial details security is a crucial thing on the CardVest App. Their system is built to secure all information of the user from potential  internet fraud and cyber threats. So, with this App, your funds and information are safe. 

4. 24/7 customer service: If users encounter a problem surfing the App, or would like to make a request or give feedback, their customer service is always ready to attend to you.  They have an all-around-the-clock customer service that raptly responds to customers.

CardVest: The Best platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria

Easy steps to sell gift cards on CardVest App

Step 1) Sign up if you are a new user ( requires just your username, email, phone number, and

password) or log in if you are an existing user.



Step 2) On the taskbar, select Wallet to add your bank account (you can add more than one account).

Step 3) On the taskbar, select Trade to sell your gift card (Input the necessary details and click place

order). Your wallet balance will reflect your fund between 3-5minutes once your trade is confirmed.

Step 4) On the taskbar, select wallet and click withdraw. Select the account you want your funds sent to



( in case you added more than one bank account). Your withdrawal will be processed immediately. For any assistance, you can contact CardVest via the live chat ( On the taskbar bar, click on profile then  select live chat support). 

How to check any Gift card current rate

After successfully downloading the CardVest App, Register if you are a new user or login if you are an existing user. On the taskbar, select calculator then input the gift card you want to check its rate. 

How to download CardVest App

Visit Google Play store to download the CardVest app

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