amb Sara abdul led Shamies Foundation to give hope to 1,200 inmates in Kuje correctional centre


A non-governmental organisation, the Shamies Unusual Hearts Foundation, is set to feed and entertain no fewer than 1,200 prisoners in the Kuje correctional centre, Abuja. 
According to the organisation, prison inmates form an unfortunate huge chunk of the most isolated and depressed groups, hence, the urgent need to take hope from time to time in the best of capacity.
In a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, the Founder and Executive Director of Shamies Unusual Hearts Foundation, Ms. Sara Abdul said the organisation decided to come to the aid of the Kuje inmates because for many of them, incarceration is a time of grief, pain and abandonment.
According to her, Shamies Foundation is stepping in to provide succour for these prisoners and by pulling together A-list music artists and comedians to entertain them, and also meet some of their basic needs of life.
She listed some of the entertainers billed to perform at the Kuje correctional Centre as Broda Shaggi, Faze, Style Plus, Nick B, Annie Idibia, MC Papi; Mr Macaroni, among others.
“A host of comedians and other entertainers are coming to entertain the prisoners. This is in line with the objectives of the foundation.
“The idea is to give the inmates hope since we cannot bail all of them, we decide to organise a music concert to entertain them.
“A lot of those people in prison have been locked up for years. They don’t know what the outside world looks like.
“Reaching out to them will ease any depression that they might be going through and this gesture will go a long way in making them feel happy and to know that people out there are cared for," she said.
According to her, the gesture will not only re-energise and lighten them up, but also help them become better persons when they eventually leave the prison.
“On that day, August 15, which is my birthday, we will entertain them, give them food, drinks and make them happy, even if it is for a moment, it will last very long in their minds.’’
Asked if she will bail those who were languishing in prison due to their inability to pay the fines awarded by the courts, Sara said, “it is possible, but I have no intention on that for now, feeding and entertainment is the focus for now."

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