When cryptocurrency was first introduced to the world, Africa was the least receptive. Cryptocurrency is different from the currencies we have always known, and people can hardly use what they don't understand. The currency that Africans were used to is the traditional money. The one that requires you to go to the bank or use an ATM card before accessing it.

Cryptocurrency is different. There are no physical banks for trading cryptocurrency, only online exchange platforms. Cryptocurrency is unique because, unlike conventional banks, it is not affected by the government's rules in a particular country. Yes! Cryptocurrency is not under the jurisdiction of the central bank. It is a digital or virtual currency that is decentralized and deregulated, which makes it almost impossible to make fakes or double spend. 

With cryptocurrency, the problem of insecurity and low-interest rates than conventional banks face are curtailed. If you are looking to invest for the long term, crypto is the way to go. Your chances of making a 100% profit are higher when you trade cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency also solves the problem of insecurity by using strong cryptographic technology. 

Many countries have adopted cryptocurrencies in Africa today because of the high-end benefits of cryptocurrencies, and Ghana is one of those countries.

There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies globally, and over 1,000 coins are popular in Ghana, with bitcoin being the most popular. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in Ghana and the world at large. It was discovered by a group of anonymous people that goes by a collective name called Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest value, and more often than not, the price of bitcoin affects the prices of another coin. If the value of bitcoin goes up, there is a tendency that the prices of other coins will follow suit and vice versa. 

How to sell bitcoin for mobile money and GHS in Ghana

Selling bitcoin in Ghana is supposed to be an easy feat if internet scammers do not exist. Sadly, they do, and because of the increase in the number of exchange platforms, they have increased over the years. However, you must research the exchange platform thoroughly before patronizing them. In Ghana today, the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in Ghana is Dart Africa. Dart Africa embodies everything that an exchange platform should be, which is why Ghanaians keep choosing it every time. 

The reasons why you should choose Dart Africa is endless. Dart Africa offers the best rate for the exchange of bitcoin in Ghana. The platform helps you maximize profit by ensuring that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are sold above the normal exchange rates. In a bid to assist you in knowing the value of cryptocurrencies, Dart Africa has an added feature that allows you to calculate the current rate of the coin for free. All you have to do is log onto their website and click on "check rates." 

Other features that make Dart Africa unique include:

  • Fast payment
  • Attentive and responsive customer service
  • Dart Africa bitcoin wallet
  • First-grade security technology

In addition, Dart Africa adheres to a strict privacy policy that protects the privacy of its customers from third parties and hackers.

Getting started on Dart Africa.

To get started on Dart Africa, you need to create an account, after which you can proceed to sell your bitcoin and withdraw the proceeds as mobile money by adding a Ghana mobile money account. Follow the process below to create an account on Dart Africa.

  • Visit the Dart Africa website at dartafrica.io.
  • Click on sell now.
  • Click on sign up here to create a new account.
  • Fill in all the required details in the spaces provided (preferred username, valid email address and phone number, and password). 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of Dart Africa.
  • Click on create an account. 

Selling bitcoin for mobile money and GHS on Dart Africa

To sell bitcoin for mobile money on dart Africa, you have to add a mobile money account to your wallet. Note: you can add more than one account. Follow the process below to add a mobile money account.


  • Log into your account on Dart Africa.
  • On your dashboard, click on manage accounts.
  • Select Ghana mobile money.
  • Select preferred mobile network (MTN, Airtel, TIGO, or Vodafone)
  • Enter valid phone number and account name.
  • Click on add account, and the mobile money account is immediately added.

To sell bitcoin for GHS, you will have to add a Ghana account. It's the same process with adding a mobile money account, only selecting a Ghana account instead of a Ghana mobile account. After adding these accounts, you can proceed with selling your bitcoin on Dart Africa by following the process below;

  • Click on sell now.
  •  Log into your account by providing your email and password.
  • Select the type of coin.
  • Input the amount of coin and its equivalent in USD, and GHS will be displayed immediately.
  • Click on sell coins now.
  • Make payments to the wallet details given or scan the QR code to continue. You get paid immediately after Dart Africa confirms the transaction.
  • The money sent to you will become available as mobile money and will reflect as your wallet balance.



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