KCOBA’s 2001 Class Set Outlines Give Back Projects As It Commemorates Its 20th Anniversary



KCOBA’s 2001 Class Set Outlines Give Back Projects As It Commemorates Its 20th Anniversary
The Kings College Old Boys Association (KCOBA) has a history almost as long and illustrious as the school it is named for. Having produced a multitude of students that have gone on to make waves in a plethora of industries, its alumni consistently put in concerted efforts to ensure the continued development of the school and by extension, its students.

The 12th of October 2021 marked a world press conference and ground breaking ceremony as old boys of the 1995-2001 class set outlines give back projects as part of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of their graduation.


At the press conference held at the KCOBA Secretariat on Lagos Island, members of the 1995 – 2001 class set met once again to ruminate on the current state of their Alma mater and outline a direction for the future development of the school.

The set announced its plans for a brand new ‘Innovation Hub’ and a sports pavilion that would bring the school well into this new age of technology.

Mr. Babajide Jacobs, chairman of the planning committee was the first spokesperson during the event and took the time to properly elucidate on the current state of education in the country and the need for a renewal in strategy.


Setting the stage for the announcements to come, the chairman spoke about
the need for technological education in Kings College, drawing a parallel to how Silicon Valley and other tech-centric projects are fast becoming the wave that global development is riding on.

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He continued with that parallel explaining that should the education sector in Nigeria not strive to keep up with the global demand for tech, it could risk getting left behind.

“As the dot.com boom in the early 2000s brought forth a new wave of web-based companies and unparalleled growth so have the new ‘tech-preneurs’ made way for growth in multiple industries” – Mr. Babijide Jacobs

On taking the stand, Mr. Charles Dungor who represented the Class set president Mr. Akindele Ogundepo at the press conference, followed the tone already laid, announcing the class’ plans to introduce an all-new ‘innovation hub’ to the students.

This hub will allow the students to emulate the strides made by African tech companies such as Paystack and Flutterwave which have gone on to great success despite the stifling environment of the country.

The innovation hub will serve as a platform where students can learn and involve themselves in pursuits that will stoke within them the thirst to
learn not out of necessity but for personal progress. Mr. Dungor, further expounded on the offerings of the innovation hub, highlighting each aspect and what it would do for the student’s development.

The students would be taught a myriad of skills ranging from hard skills such as coding, SQL, and graphic design to soft skills like emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and complex problem-solving.

Finally, Mr. Moses Nasamu, the chairman of the Board Of Trustees KCOBA 1995 – 2001 Class Set, brought up the rear. In his address, Mr. Nasamu laid out further plans for the development of a sports pavilion alongside the innovation hub.

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The chairman, an avid sports fan himself, stated that this was in keeping with the school’s long history of excellence in multiple sporting events. Like the hub, the pavilion will provide an avenue for students to express themselves outside of conventional classroom interactions.

It seems the school is in good hands as evidenced by the continued ministrations of its alumni to its development.

A closing quote from Mr. Nasamu further confirmed this as he said “ Spero Lucem! As the school continues to strive for light, this is the least its Alumni can do to support it and its current crop of students.

The King’s College name must always be synonymous with success and a thirst for
knowledge and this development is simply a step in the continuation of that legacy”.

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