YB Stanzy Hotels and Suits Agbor, Delta State


We indulge you with exquisite dishes made using regional and seasonal ingredients that are produced by our suppliers to the very highest quality standards with a passion for agriculture. You can also enjoy fruit, vegetables, herbs and honey produced by the hotel itself.

Egbonim Stanley C.
General Manager YB Stanzy Hotel

GYM & Fitness

We offer a variety of classes to fit your specific needs. Our program is designed to bring you additional benefits of a well-rounded fitness program. In each of our classes, our focus is building consistency over time, and then increasing intensity relative to the individual. This keeps our fitness program focused, effective, and fun!


Restaurant & Bar

We provide an unforgettable experience embedded in social and business surrounding.  We offer an impressive range of facilities and an unrivaled standard of personal services and sheer comfort. We combine comfort, luxury and extraordinary services for your great pleasure.


Yoga & Spa

Explore our neatly built yoga centers and recreate yourself. Take a time out and give yourself that long awaited treat. 
Yoga is a group of physical and mental exercise. A part of which includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

Swimming Pool

We represents a collection of distinct, luxury, upscale hotel and lounge. It is located at the heart of Delta State. Our designs have a beautiful welcoming ambiance which makes it easy for guests to focus on work and still have fun to the fullest. A lot of our clients have been satisfied with our spectacular service. We welcome you with open hands.



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Our Address
Egbule kayode street, Agbor Delta state. Eastern Nigeria. 

For Reservations, call; 
+234(0) 906 713 3084

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