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Sensational Music Artist , Matthew Ezeigbo, has charged  youths to be passionate about being  successful through the right ways and shun all forms of vices that lead to self-destruction.
Matthew , popularly known as Halfabar is an Afrobeat  Music artiste & a rapper.

Early Life:

Hailing originally from Abia State, he was born in the family ofMr & Mrs Jasper and Angela Ezeigbo.
  • Date Of Birth: 29/ July / 1982
  • LGA: Umuahia
  • Current city: USA
  • State of Origin: Abia state 
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Social Media: @half_a_bar


Halfabar started music professionally a few years back  and since then has dropped hit singles back to back and he considers the likes of Jay z, and Rick Ross as his role models.
Halfabar, whose passion for music, according to him is extra-ordinary, is an artist to behold in the music scene, as he said “I’ve come to hold the industry by storm. My fans will enjoy my best all through the year.” 
Halfabar is a Nigerian – USA Based Musical Artist also know as Matthew Ezeigbo,


He is a Sensational Music Artist, Business magnate, realtor, investor and the CEO of (Matteye Records) , which is a music record label that offers The upbringing of the upcoming artist to superstar in the Nigerian entertainment industry.



“What motivated me to do Music, it started as a hobby, I enjoyed doing it till friends and family started forcing me to take it serious”


When the sonorous voice singer was asked to describe his style of music and his views about the music industry, he said “Music is another crude oil if we have more investors like me. Aside from the fact that I’m a versatile artiste, I’m also a music video director and I also have a record label where I invest in other talents too. Meek Mill, Jay z, and Rick Ross remain my role models.” He concluded!!! 

“As for me, I discovered that I was very passionate about singing, I love everything music, and while I realised this, I put myself in that way – to learn more about the rudiments of singing, like perfecting my voice, make my own compositions, then look for who can produce a song for me, so I can bring my passion into reality
Everyone has a talent. What individuals need to do is to discover it on time and work on it. Your talent may be crude as of the time of discovering it, and this means that you have to nurture it. If there is a need for you to go back to school, you have to, and the reason for this is for you to refine your talent.
“Part of the refinement is to raise your standard, so you become marketable. For instance, for someone who has a talent in singing like me, you need to do voice training, learn how to play at least one musical instrument. Then, have a good dress sense, wear your thinking and creative hat to be able to compose fine songs,”Halfabar  said.
He also charged the established practitioners to create space for the growing acts, and be ready to help and support them, so they too can develop confidence to become great in the industry.
Halfabar , also appealed to the world and top players in the industry, especially from the corporate world, to further create means by which the youth can be supported in realising their dreams, adding that many have been incapacitated by finances, the reason he said some of the youth go into odd jobs, as quick means to make ends meet.
“You don’t need to do drugs or engage in cyber crimes to make it, all these are ways to quickly ruin yourself no matter how much you think you are making now. But what you need is proper mentoring – look for people who have succeeded in your areas of engagement, the problems you are passing through now, they must have gone through them at one stage of their career too. If you learn from them, you can find an easy way out of your predicament,” Halfabar  charged.


Halfabar Networth is $750,000

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