[MUSIC] OG.Ragga - Political Mosquitos + Traffic Conscious + Kwaghfan Ft. Egyptian


Political mosquitos is a song for people who do dubious things to people around, you must not be a politician so far you are not doing the right thing but still defending yourself you are a qualified political mosquito, the motive of this song is to expose their doings so that people can be able to identify them with their much noise
I got this inspiration one night when I couldn't fix my mosquito net and was deeply asleep so due to so much mosquito bites on my body and immediately I woke up instead of them to flee they decided to move round the room making so much noise in my ears and I relate that act to our selfish leaders and as literature they say is the mirror of the society I decided to ask these questions to the president so he can do something about it because we are really suffering although I must confess that he is really working hard but some political mosquitos are just sucking the blood of the innocent citizens but my desire for this nation is for things to get better and that's why we are looking for solution, while the second song title traffic conscious is for the road users and it clearly states the functions of these personnel, road safety,drugs, prison and the law, and the primary reason for this song is to reduced multiple accidents on our roads while love ones always waiting at home for them to come back but some times daddy never returned because of drinking and driving so solution to these issues is what we are looking for then kwaghfan simply means wisdom,is just a prayer that let Almighty God inject us with that same vaccines of wisdom He injected king Solomon so that we can bring solution to these various situations we are faced with and as you download and listen to these information remain blessed, Orgem loves you all peace!

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