[BIOGRAPHY] Peter De Rock Biography, About, Lifestyle & Networth


Who is Peter De Rock 

Uwaifo Isoken Peter is a sensational musician who’s popularly referred to as peter de rock.

Peter De Rock is a song writer, composer, music director, performing artiste who in the short period he has been playing publicly has gained recognition and has also been given an award of honor for his innovative and creative nature coupled with his show of dexterity in every little thing(gala night 2019). he has released two studio albums titled (weneagbonmu) and (jesu-do) since his entrance in the music scene.

Early Life:

Peter De Rock is from Edo state , and he is born into the family of Mr & Mrs Clement Uwaifo
  • Date Of Birth: Jan 28th 1994
  • Current city: Lekki, Lagos
  • State of Origin: Edo state
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Email: Uwaifopeter21@gmail.com
  • Social Media: Uwaifo_Junior
  • Music Genre: Afrobeat Artist, Highlife & Gospel
  •  Skills: Business management
  • Interests and hobbies : Music, Comedy, Producing, therapy, & cooking 
  • Religion- Christian
  • Affiliations – Rad Entertainment
  • Race- Black African 


He started his musical career in 2008 while he was still in junior secondary school. Peter was introduced into music by his music director Mr Moses Owa also known as (Golden Boy) in benin city who graduated from Uwaifo’s music school.

shortly, Prof. Victor Uwaifo saw peter’s drive and perseverance and he took personal interest in nurturing his skills in playing the guitar whenever he visited.

It will be quite a struggle for anyone to fill in the shoes of the multi-talented music maestro, Victor Uwaifo. However, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And this is the reality that the musical maverick, Peter Uwaifo, better known as Peter De Rock, has embarked on fulfilling, beginning with his just-released groove dubbed, Happy Day.
The Uwaifo-relative, who claims to hold the last memory of the late Victor Uwaifo, said they had both collaborated on a song barely eight days before his uncle’s demise.

“I was 8, when I lost my father. That was in 2002. I can’t recall many things but I knew my father, Clement Uwaifo (Clemico) was the first music icon in our family. He nurtured Sir Victor into music. My father can play all music instruments and had to retire for his younger brother to continue doing music. He went into typewriting school. I never saw my dad play music nor heard his songs but a lot of people told me about his music life. That much I know.

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