Nigerians look at this dispassionately. 

A Chinese Company, owner and brothers have since 2014 been in the business of forging Nigerian official documents, economic sabotage, and producing fake products. 

Mr Chen xiao ming, his brethren colluded with some Nigerians to carry out these criminal activities. Mr Chen  and his cohorts forged Trade Mark Certificate Rtm 96385 and this forgery was discovered in a Nigerian court. Not relenting in his criminal activities, he blatantly forged more certificates in this order:
Rtm 99716
Rtm 99717
Rtm 99718 

Chen proudly boasts of his capacity to quietly cover up his deeds in Nigeria with money. He has Been pushing money to all quarters, buying time subsequently boasting that 'nothing can happen to him in Nigeria and that after all, Nigeria has a cordial relationship with China, therefore he will go free if he commits' any crime'.
He had in different occasions deployed state resources to arrest real Trademark owners in Nigeria. In 2014, it is on record that Mr Chen deceived a Nigerian court with forged Trademark Certificate,  to secure Exparte Order, subsequently evaquating his goods. 

His criminal activities of which he had been previously detained in Nigeria include but not limited to:
Deceiving Presidential Committee on Trade Malpractice etc.
He has been arrested severally but somehow frees himself by throwing money around. To him, Nigeria is a lawless society where one can get away with crimes by spending money. 

Chen and his criminal gang further forged so many other Nigerian certificates in order to circumvent and have their way with the Nigerian Quality Control systems. Their Money laundering and economic sabotage activities were unrelenting, using Nigerian workers as slaves. It was also gathered that they don't pay their Nigerian workers   
These Nigerian workers at the Chinese whare house, were evidently seen pleading with journalist to help them. 
The Chinese whare  house being used by Mr Chen is located at a water jetty in Lagos, to hide their criminal  activities, day and night. This same whare house is used to store imported lamps and various low quality products. 

A recent occurrence that took place in Lagos at the same warehouse in April 2022 is very disturbing. A court order was given in Abuja, to evacuate all AKT products to a safe place, pending completion of court process, Mr Chen in his prevalent evil way, rented  hoodlums to frustrate this exercise.
Mr Chen is still importing fake  AKT products. They are also selling to unsuspecting Nigerians, poor quality products such as Ecomin, Goodxom, Lomi etc which they imported with forged Trademark Certificate, denying the rightful owner (Nigerian) of the Original AKT Trademark Certificate a right to do his business without hindrances. 

In his mischief, he had changed his Company name to 'Mega Benjamin and Eric limited'. 

We want Nigerians to be aware of this.
We also want Nigerians to be aware that all  these incidents are still taking place today. 

Indeed, no Chinese can try this in Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo, Abidjan all in Africa, without facing the law of the land and punitive measures being taken against such person or organization. Likewise, no Nigerian business man or woman in China can go free, as legal actions would be taken against such individual or organization. 

Chen and his collaborators cannot be above the law in Nigeria. 

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