VIDEO: Zeak Ft King Prof Obewe - Iyi


Rapper Anuebunwa Chijioke Francis aka Zeak has proven that no song or artist deserves to be tagged forgotten despite their era with the song ‘Iyi’.

The song which featured Abia State born High-life singer Prof. Obewe showed again that Afro-Beat is a diverse genre having fused rap with Prof. Obewe’s kind of sound.

His Cultural Majesty King Prof Obewe and his Ohuhu Brothers were a known high-life and Igbo cultural music band in 90s and 2000s especially in Abia State, while Zeak who has also lived in the state said Prof. Obewe is one of his early inspirations in music.

“Prof Obewe is a legend, someone I love and respect so much, so working with him is like connecting with a piece of the history of music in Igbo land especially because there is no way you can wright him off”

“Iyi is more of a metaphorical representation of the situation we find ourselves in Nigeria today, trying to ask questions as to who is causing the untold hardship people are facing in Nigeria”

“Sometimes music has to be made like poetry, something that means more than the beat, dance steps and vibes”, Zeak said.

With the video of ‘Iyi’ released on YouTube, Zeak said the next thing is to get it out there for many people to see it.

“If everyone in the world can see it, that will be lovely. The next thing is to push it as far as possible because no doubt, it is pure good music and people love it”.

Click here to stream ‘Iyi; and watch the video below.



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