BREAKING NEWS: Legendary Empire Music to begin operations to revolutionize Nigeria music industry in 2023, set to unveil new Artists


Legendary Empire Music, a new record label based in Benin city, Nigeria was created in 2022 by a group of young innovative individuals. The record label whose major focus is to bring to life and to the big screen talented artists is stopping at nothing in achieving these set out goals.
Legendary Empire Music is the music home of King Samilo & Nicky Starr, an artiste who has been making waves in the Nigerian music industry
The record label plans on expanding further to other parts of the country and the world at large.
According to the management of the label, “We operate as a full record label and we are responsible for the promotion of all the artists signed by the record label. We provide everything for all our signed artistes, from producing music, to mixing sounds, to promoting and marketing artistes.”
King Samilo & Nicky Starr are one of our top artists that will be signed in 2023 and they have recently released an extended play (EP) which has been making waves on the internet since it was announced.
Legendary Empire Music is managed by Chief Ogo Izuchukwu who is the major shareholder of the record label. He is aided by two other members of the board and official PRO & Blogger by Prince Fredoo Perry (Nigeria Youngest Promoter).
Although new to the music industry, the Legendary Empire Music has a very promising future. We are focused on getting our artistes out to the world and we intend to achieve that by making sure that all of our artistes are focused on and have quality time with the management, by not putting one artiste before another.
Speaking further, the management said, “By working with all our artistes, Legendary Empire Music offers a much more specialized and attentive level for all our listeners and customers.”
“Our record label also takes the promotion of its artists very seriously and has created an avenue for creating awareness for every artist, before they are finally signed. This will ensure the popularity of the artists before they are even signed.”
“While we promote the artists, we also make sure that they get proper networking, by going on the TV and Radio. We have established a good relationship with TV, Blogs & Radio stations, so getting our artists on air will be relatively easy.”
Legendary Empire Music has also built relationships with clubs and hotels to provide room for concerts placements and gigs for our prospective artistes

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