Rowland Okorie CEO Equity Concepts Entertainment have initiated a meeting to kickstart preparations heralding the official launch of Project Nwafo Igbo both in US and Nigeria. The planning has shifted to forward gear as its Global Leader on Strategy  Uche Onuigbo reached certain mutually beneficial agreements during  a 3 hour meeting with a strategic key player  and strong hold of  the Ohaneze Ndigbo hierarchy in  the person of Chief Ozonweke Everest, Former Secretary General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos and Current secretary general of G50.
High points of the  meeting includes, formalising plans to meet with key personalities of Igbo extract including the current President General of Ohaneze Ndi igbo, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and other strong members of the Elite Senators group to synergize and see how Project NWAFOR igbo will position itself as the functional arm for groups implementation, whereby all southeastern Governors can be reached and addressed on the developments to come.
Project NWAFOR Igbo, a concept by Rowland Okorie based in Dallas USA, is focused on re-engineering the economic dynamics of Ala-igbo and the fortunes of its people through strategic alignment with international partners and investors.
According to Uche Onuigbo, Project NWAFOR  igbo’s core  delivery will be the emancipation of south east  over 3 decades of Government mismanagement, subversion,and side-lining across ethnic lines of sovereign wealth and national resources.
The Organisation is born out of the need to  harness the sectional strength of the Igbo population in the South Eastern part of Nigeria states namely Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo.
Project Nwafor  Igbo has come as a catalyst  of growth, development and economic empowerment.
Uche emphasized that through the project’s visioner Rowland Okorie , 10 multinational companies and mega investors from the USA have shown interest and are willing to open assembly lines and manufacturing bases for their products in the southeast to upgrade industrialization and partner with the manufacturing association of Nigeria to improve the quality of export.
Chief Everest Ozonweke keyed into this reality and Re-echoed  the same fact as the very  purpose and agenda of the Elite Senator Club of Nigeria.
Project NWAFOR Igbo is positioned to create Mega industrial hubs across  Igbo land and transform the landscape with modern aesthetics that can be seen in industrialized nations. This will resonate with the Igbo spirit of  enterprise and can be achieved via collaborations , partnerships and investments from foreign brands and companies that wish to extend their businesses to Africa.


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