Two Intellects; Who Occurs To Be Potentate  Sovereigns And Palz In The In Music World Conjointly Dropped A New Jam Titled "Haterd & Outcome". 
Attached With The Writing Skills Of Barz, Simillies, Metaphor, Word Plays, With Well Arranged And Driven Wordplays, To Also Hold Up The Hip Hop Game By Directly Stating Facts Between Objectives, Visions, Snitches, Motives, Moolah Minded, Priorities, Critiques And Every Consequential Aspiration.
Which Allows Us To Know As Humans, We Should Love And Never Hate What We Don't Understand, For We May Not See What Led To The Purpose Of An Individual's Dreams.
So, They Are Directly Urging Us To Flee Away From Those People Who Try To Disparage Our Ambitions, Knowing Small Minds Will Always Do That, But Having Substantial Potential Shall Always Give You A Feeling That You Can Become Great Too.
It Is Not The Critic Who Counts; Not The Man Who Points Out How The Strong Man Stumbles, Or Where The Doer Of Deeds Could Have Done Them Better.
But The Credit Belongs To The Man Who Is Actually In The Arena, Whose Face Is Marred By Dust, Sweat, And Blood, Who Strives Valiantly; Who Errs And Comes Short Again And Again; Because There Is No Effort Without Error And Shortcomings With Strive To Do The Deed.
Who Knows The Great Enthusiasm, Devotion,
Who Spends Himself In A Worthy Cause, Battling Wrong Forcese With Bravery, Putting In Works Of Grind, And Having The Best Hopes By Believing That A Certain Day The Struggle Would Payoff.
Cause Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy Looking For It.
When I Speak I Expect Y'all To Really Get The Memo 
Ten Over Ten With Full Body Works On The Demo 
It Multiples In Accurate Figures, Divide In Articulate Features That Makes You Wanna Tell An Associate To Tell A Fellow
When It Balls For The Cash Am All In 
To Raise The Checks And Stacks Men!, I Don't Flinch
Mind Of A Hustler Designed To Chase Rabas
Am Trying To Be Industrious Defined To Make Dollars
Put In Works Subsides On A High Level
Modify My Time Schedule
Occupy The 9th Temple
Fortify Behind Reveal 
Glorify When I Battle
As I Qualify For The Champ Winner Of The Grand Medal 
Normally You Know Say I No Dey Do Pass Myself 
But When I Do!
Know I Was Moved By The V That Came With L's
What Really Matters These Days Is What You Do For Yourself
Nobody Really Cares Be A Destiny Helper Of Your Own Self 
Yeah I Know We All Sinners And Sinner's Way Dey Sin Amongst Men 
Most Of Us Are Believes And Bread Winners Who Lives On God's Terms
While Some Are Haters That Feeds On Greed Leave Their Conscience
The Rest Na Gold Diggers Way Carry Holes In Search Of Light And Sunset.
I Don't Wanna Be The One You Call When You Need Something
I Wanna Be The One You Call When You Wanna Give 
A Lot Of Bitches In My Room So I Keep Stunning
So Much Hustle I Get To Make Money Even When I Sleep
Am In The Hustle For The Moment
While I Rise Am Tryna Keep To Arr Hundred
She Say She Love Me So She Blow Me Like Arr Trumpet 
Noting Here Can Stop Till I Rise Until The Sunset 
I Just Dey Para Guyz
Time Fly’s Tell Veronica I Need The Hourglass 
Am Like Asiwaju I Move Cash Even When Naira Scarce
Might Not Make It To Heaven So While I’m On Earth Am Tryna Turn My Crib To A Paradise 
Life Is A Bitch Wearing Short Skirt, 
Leak My Nudes Tryna Bring Me Down But I Blow Up Like Am Oxlade
Life Is A Bitch Wearing Bonestraight 
Person Wey De Carry First For School This Days Dey Ask Me For Updates 
Niggas Throw Shots Hoping That Their Shots Devour Me
But Am Like Adesenya I Bring Out The Ali Inside Me
I Was Abused With Hate And Now That I’m Used To Snakes;
Come Against Me With Your Beef And Get Reduced To Stakes 
V; Remember When They Never Used To Give Me Show
Like Tap Wey Block Haters Never Want To See Me Flow
Only When You Lose Your Sight Is When You Never See Me Glow
But Like Person Wey Dey Watch Bf I Swear You Must See Me Blow
Ha, I Spit Gold I Make Jules On This
I Don’t Really Need To Touch You Before You Move Your Feet
Is Either I Let The Slugs Hit You Or I Screw Your Bitch
 Either Ways Like Person Wey Dey Purge You Must Loose Your Shit

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