MUSIC: Sol3x - Hustler’s Anthem (Freestyle)


Badejo Solomon Gbolahan born on September 22nd, Sol3x is a talented Nigerian Afrobeats singer-songwriter hailing from Ogun State in the western part of Nigeria, West Africa. His stage name, SOL3X, is a fusion of his middle name, Solomon, and his unique artistry.artistry.

The journey of this rising star began with his debut single, “JO”, which quickly gained attention for its infectious beats and catchy lyrics. But it’s his latest creation, “Hustler’s Anthem”, that’s capturing the hearts and souls of many, resonating with the daily grind and dreams of the young and ambitious.

“Hustler’s Anthem” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of the hustle, struggle, and lifestyle of a young artist navigating the vibrant and bustling streets of Lagos. This freestyle tune encapsulates the spirit of resilience and determination, proof of the dreams and aspirations of the youth in Nigeria.

Sol3x’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of life in Lagos, a city known for its energy and opportunities but also its challenges. The song speaks to the heart of every dreamer, reminding them that the path to success is often paved with sweat, hard work, and inexhaustible determination.

With his distinctive blend of Afrobeats and contemporary sounds, Sol3x brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. His melodic voice and thoughtful lyrics create a beautiful musical experience that resonates with both the young and old.

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