Dr. Bashirat Olamide Hassan: Another Nigerian Digitizing Medical Services


 To many who are conversant with the digital world, ‘digital means business’, and it in fact activates the values of swift activities in our everyday society across the world. A few Nigerians have taken the grasp that comes from automating business processes. Some have built technology that easily gives flexibility for everyone to operate. One of such creatives is Bashirat Hassan.

Dr. Bashirat Olamide Hassan

She is a young, vibrant Nigerian medical doctor who has received training from one of the prestige world ranked universities in Russia. She has garnered significant experiences and practical knowledge from a host of globally acclaimed medical professionals. She is licensed for practice in her country of birth, Nigeria. She has bagged numerous medical and academic olympiad awards as a student, she has received several awards in molecular and clinical medicine – which includes anatomy, genetics, pathology, physiology, internal medicine, surgery, etc.

Dr. Bashirat Olamide Hassan

In her exciting academic journey, she has had the opportunity to share classroom with Nobel Prize winning professor Konstantin Efetov – the

Ukrainian biologist and biochemist. As part of her efforts to develop herself and to make the world a better place, she also takes active parts in health outreaches and qualitative research in a host of institutions.

The former beauty queen also doubles as a girl-child ambassador who has contributed tremendously in a couple of public health advocacy projects. She recently founded one of the first-of-its-kind start-up online tele-medical services called ‘ConsultDrB’. ConsultDrB is a digital platform she is using to create seamless medical consultation globally.
In her thrill to engage fascinating ideas, she is currently a member of ForbesBLK, the foremost platform showcasing black excellence which cuts across various career fields

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