Meet Skelleberry, The Versatile Rising Star


Meet Skelleberry, The Versatile Rising Star
Meet Skelleberry, the new Afrobeat singer from Lagos, Nigeria. Banjo Ibrahim, the guy making the catchy and soulful tunes, is on his way up in the music world. Skelleberry's music isn't just Afrobeat, he mixes in other styles like Afrosoul, Afrofusion, Afropop, and Streetpop. This guy's got a sound that connects with all kinds of people.   What inspires Skelleberry to make music?: It's the stuff happening around him. The lively vibes of Lagos, the heart of Nigeria, inspire his storytelling through music. His songs talk about life, the streets, and the everyday rhythm.
Who does Skelleberry look up to in music?: Brymo, Vector, and Reekado Banks are his go-to inspirations. Their way of telling stories through music and trying new things has motivated Skelleberry to push his own boundaries.
If you want to keep up with Skelleberry's music journey and hear his latest stuff, find him on social media. Follow him on: Instagram: @_skelleberry Twitter: @skelleberry TikTok: @skelleberry   As Skelleberry keeps climbing, his music is a mix of culture, rhythm, and the lively vibe of Nigeria's Afrobeat scene. Watch out for this rising star as he takes us on a musical journey through the exciting sounds of Afrobeat and more.  

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