Naomi Bedua – Lifted (The EP)



Gospel music is known for its ability to touch hearts and inspire, and acclaimed gospel artist Naomi Bedua continues to do just that with her latest EP release titled “Lifted.” As a heartfelt New Year present to her beloved fans, Bedua pours her soul into four uplifting tracks that are sure to resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.

“Lifted” showcases Naomi Bedua’s undeniable talent and unwavering faith, with each track serving as a testament to her deep devotion and unwavering commitment to spreading messages of hope, love, and encouragement. The EP effortlessly blends Bedua’s captivating vocals with expertly crafted compositions, creating an immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries.

The four tracks of “Lifted” invite listeners on a journey of self-reflection, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Through poignant lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, Bedua invites her audience to embrace the power of faith, find solace in times of trials, and ultimately discover the strength to rise above life’s challenges.

From the opening track, “Aka Jesus,” to the uplifting anthem, “Asida,” the EP sets a powerful tone, encouraging listeners to rise above self-doubt and embrace their true purpose. Bedua’s mesmerizing vocals, backed by a curated blend of contemporary and traditional gospel sounds, create an atmosphere of worship and celebration throughout the entire EP.

Naomi Bedua’s charisma and talent have earned her recognition within the gospel music industry. Her previous releases have garnered critical acclaim and touched lives. With the release of “Lifted,” Bedua demonstrates her ongoing dedication to inspiring others through the power of gospel music, making it an essential addition to any music library.

Available on all major streaming platforms, “Lifted” by Naomi Bedua is set to uplift and empower listeners as they embark on a new year full of hope and possibilities. This EP is a heartfelt New Year present and a testament to the unwavering love and appreciation Bedua has for her faithful fanbase.

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Naomi Bedua – Asida

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