End Of The Road! Tony kross latter to Real Madrid Fans That Will Melt Your Heart.


Tony Kross with Champions league trophy 

Real Madrid and German midfielder Tony Kross will hag up his boot after Euro 2024. 

The German midfielder has enjoyed a career trophy any other player would ever wish for winning the World Cup with Germany, Bundeliga Champions and Laliga Champions, Champions League with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid and still one final at hand to go. 

The 34 years old midfielder made his debut in Bundeliga, aged 17 in September 2007, with Bayern Munich and went on to win the first three German titles that season.

Below is the latter of Tony Kross to Real Madrid Fans 

I’ve always said I wanted to retire here, and this is what will happen. I never wanted another club after Madrid.
“I could play some years more, but I didn’t want to be on the bench, I want to enjoy... I am very grateful, really”.
“It’s 10 years, this has been special, this club is special, the fans are special and Real Madrid changed my life”.
“I want you to remember me as a player. I'm now 
“My goal was to finish in the best way. This season has been one of my best. This is the good moment to leave. I want you to remember me as I am now… this player”.
“It’s the most difficult decision of my career — but I’m sure this is the best one and the right one for all of us”.
“Real Madrid fans, love you. I will be one of you forever 
“Now I want you to forget about my words and focus on the Champions League final. Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas”.
10 years, 22 trophies, and one Champions League final now taking place in 10 days. Real Madrid legend forever 

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